Stand with Ukraine

Feel helpless while looking news on TV about horrific Bucha killings?

Want to help Ukrainians somehow but can not be a volunteer right now? There is more easier and quicker way to help Ukraine now.

Join the army of millions who help Ukraine directly! Just donate any amount to the special account opened by National Bank of Ukraine to raise funds for Ukrainian Army. Here is the link to the website of the National Bank of Ukraine with details of the account. Click here to proceed.

Why donate now?

This account was established 1st of March 2022 and has already accumulated ca.14,3 Billion UAH (ca.450 Million Euro) that were transferred already to cover the Army’s needs. But the war was always expensive, especially if to fight against much bigger enemy. And to make it surprisingly effectively:)

That’s why ca.15 Million UAH (ca.0,5 Million Euro) only remains  in this special account as per 4th of April 2022. The explanation is simple. Ukrainian officials says that within 40 days of the war, russians lost approximately:

  • Personnel — 18’300
  • Airplanes — 147
  • Helicopters — 134
  • Tanks — 647
  • Armoured vehicles — 1844
  • Vehicles — 1273
  • Artillery systems — 344
  • Anti-aricraft systems — 54
  • Mobile SRBM systems — 4
  • Naval ships — 7

And these figures are for FORTY DAYS of war only.

So please find the way, time and resources to support Ukrainian people to withstand against of russian militaries at our land.

Thank you very much in advance for any amount donated!

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